Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The burning flame of a torch,
Mark the start of spring bloom love.
A kind of feeling that cant be forge,
A feeling man deserves.

You are my moon, my sun, my star,
Shining in the galaxy, million miles afar.
You are the one that make my heart beat,
Pumping blood all the way to my feet.

The wait for your reply is just too long,
And it makes me wanna sing my song.
I want to prove my love for you,
Even through these words so few.

A simle from you lights me up,
Make me wanna give u a nice back rub.
You tuned up my atmostphere,
To the point of boiling water.

The day u walk into my life,
It just turn it upside down.
But among the confusion and mixed feelings,
You are what i found.

When i walk on the street, cold and lonely,
Yet u are the one, i can think of only.
If we together could start a family,
Imagine how happy i would be.
But things just could not turn this way,
I guess it was just me...

this is suppose to be a love poem, but the ending does not seems like one. becasue this is life, so live with it...
life is like this, good things nvr happen to yrself. yet when one person got the good things, he wish he was the other half..

;rock YOU.
6:42 AM

The was a boy named bob,
Who did nothing, but to sob.
his frens encouraged him to stop,
but down came another drop..
poor sobbing bob just could not stop,
stop himself from another drop.
who could stop bob's sob?
the sob of poor little bob.

;rock YOU.
5:46 AM

Monday, August 28, 2006

this is for all teachers for teacher's day.. thank u all for your hardwork. i appreciate it very much.. thank u all...

The day for the teachers came,
A day to relieve them from their pain.
Marking and teaching will not be needed,
The things they all, much dreaded.

How to thank them the special way?
If we don acknowledge this simple day.
Whine and complain we do best,
Our attitude are not serious, but in jest.

What do teachers do to deserve this,
Attitude problems that make them pissed.
Acting ignorant and be a faggot,
Only force our teachers to kick the bucket.

Moral values we were taught,
The next day, we just forgot.
How could we treat out teachers this way,
When they do so much, but get the same pay.

All this while they work for us,
Day and night without a fuss.
We students owe the teachers,
A grateful thank you, its what they deserve.

On this simple yet special day,
Feeling happy, very gay.
Just tell the teachers in a simple way,
Thank you very much, happy teachers day.

;rock YOU.
6:51 AM

Sunday, August 27, 2006

hmm. good day. got first for the poem i wrote abt the racial harmony thing(first post).. got voucher for popular.. nothing iinteresting. just plain boring life i had to live with... then.. erm... nothing else actually.. except that i actually cook myself dinner.. rice+salmon+chicken. haha. got some skills...

Everyone in life, must learn some skills.
The skills to earn money, to foot his bills
Teach a man to fish, he'll live for more than a day,
Give him a fish, tomorrow he'll eat hay.

Everyone is life, must learn some skills,
The skill can save him, or can kill.
Teach him to learn can save him from another blunder,
Teach him to steal and we'll see him six feet under

so.. the skill i have is to cook... so everyone, learn something today. no matter how small the skill may seems, there will be a day that u can put it to good use.. who knows... who knows.

;rock YOU.
2:16 AM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fellow combatants, rise and fall.
In a gruesome and bloody war.
Why cant the world live in peace?
A time where eveyone, feel free to feast.

Long term wars, are in the past.
But now we make it, quick and fast.
Why would we wanna slash and hack?
when we could be laying, around to slack.

Blood and bodies, filled the earth,
Just like ladies giving birth.
Now we press a button here,
Critics and agony, is what we hear.

Why would a person start a war?
When it may cause their kingdom to fall.
How could he, a leader of the state,
Led his country, into this fate.

this is dedicated to all who had suffered before in a war. deaceased or not, we salute you.

;rock YOU.
10:02 AM

A boy had balls as big as a nut,
Complaint and moan, he kept saying FUCK.
Why are my balls so small?
While others are big as a mall.

haha.. suddenly thought of some rythming words.. althought the "f" word in inappropriate, but, it is just a short poem.. which does not make any sense at all..

;rock YOU.
9:57 AM

Wat is life when there's no hope,
Wat is life along the gentle slope.
Where is love that u cant see,
The love that lies, between you and me.

Wat is life that is full of hate?
Wars and conflicts, on the edge.
Is this suppose, to be out fate?
When our fragile lives, hang on a ledge.

;rock YOU.
9:46 AM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

another poem written by me... just got the urge to write it

There was once a guy
Who fell in love with a girl
With one thing that money can’t buy,
He went to impress her.

The guy kneel down to her,
But it was a great blunder
His face was awarded a slap,
When he accidentally lie on her lap.

When he went to try again,
With everything, but in vain
With blood rushing up his vein,
He could’t’stand the pain

Heartbroken, the guy wept
Even at night, when he slept.
His peers told him to stop,
But down came another drop

Peace is represented by the dove,
And there’s the heart which represents love
Oh my dear friends cant u see
The poor chap, symbolises me

some people are just unlucky in love... some just have not found their right one yet... but this poem is dedicated to everyone, no matter lucky or unlucky is thier love life, to wish them a best of luck...

;rock YOU.
5:21 AM

haha.. lousy day... lousy exams.. but still, life have to go on.. and on and on and on... hope can do better next time... only score two A's this time... wth.. i am not suppose to socre that low.. not to stoop that low... and holy shit, not to get that low... shit damn...

anyway, wat done is done,not use crying over spilled milk... so, just carry on with my present situation and improve or i can rot in hell.... damn shit... damn lit... damn... and last but not least, hope my failing streak for a-math had been broken.. since i passed(finally) this time round...

sigh... this shit just blew my mood of updating it further... so long...

;rock YOU.
5:04 AM

Monday, August 21, 2006

this is the second post... apart from the first one, which is actually a poem, this is well... a more decent one... yeah. i mean like a decent post.. if u noe wat i mean...

i totally screw up my literature test today... only got 13/25... my lit teacher said its due to the fact that i use too much "F" word in the answer.. but come on, the book itself is full of "F", and i am just using contextual knowledge.. and she claim that i wrote out of point... that literature book by the way, is "curious incident of the dog in the night time.". or maybe i can only blame myself for sleeping and eating in class while she is at the front blabbering with all her stuff... who to blame? i guess it all comes down to me... but the usage of the "F" word had been around since the past... the book itself is like at least 50 "F"s. it is so unreasonable... she says i am more obsess with the word than the question... hahha. who noes... who noes.... haha

the lit test totally screw up my day... can believe it... only 13/25... wat the hell.. its 52/100... it sucks... how can the usage of the wrong words be penalise? if it should, why the ministry uses that book? that "F" book... spastic....

today is enough screwed up for me.. so i think i better turn in early.. see u next time... hahaha

;rock YOU.
7:49 AM

Let’s say no to racism

Like we did to Nazism

We cant discriminate a few,

Just because they are Jews.

Racist groups like KKK

Only have love for their own race.

If u respect it like a craze,

You might get shot in the face.

Racial riots destroys homes,

Parents killed and children left alone.

Racial harmony is a must,

If we do not want to repeat our past.

Can you imagine the destruction too?

Think twice before u speak, fool

Think that racist comments are a trend?

See the pain when shit hit’s the fan.

Lets say no to racism,

Like we did to terrorism.

Be sensitive to people who are different,

Then we will not get another 9-11

We should all have equal rights,

And not just because our skin are light.

Do not say that people suck,

Just because they are dark.

Racism can be destructive to all,

So destructive, a country might fall

Just like events, in Sri Lanka

Dispute over two languages, Tamil and Sinhala

Lets say no to racism

Cause it leads to craziness

What does every man deserves,

Respect for each other, should come first.

;rock YOU.
7:16 AM



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