Friday, October 27, 2006

rrrrrrinnnnggggg. the bell of the first period shit through the canteen. Jim was back to reality once again. He love first period, cause it means that britney is to be in the same class as him. the fake happiness that will light up the so call monday blues. During the biology period(of course), they were learning a brand new lesson, a lesson called Sexual Education. Jim sit right behind Brintey, awaiting to ask her out... it has been years that Jim wanted to ask her out, but do not have the courage. As he sit quietly behind the class, with britney in front, he overheard the conversation between Brintey and her best bitch mate, stacey.
"hey, today josh asked me to go his house, he say he wanted to show me something. something that i had nvr tried."Britney said.
"oh... u go gal, u are gonna lost yr virginity to him?" stacey replied
"hmmm. maybe?" brintey repiled
jim could not believe his ears... it mus be a joke. him, hump her? ewww. yucks.. get the fucking thought outta my mind... he could not believe it... he could not accept it, he do not want to believe it.

to be continued.......

;rock YOU.
8:09 AM

Friday, October 06, 2006

A boy meets a gal. No, should be a guy meet a gal at immediately fell in love with her. His eyes fell in love with hers, his lips wanted to be fused with hers. His hands want to wonder the wonders of her curvey body, down her shoulders, to her chest, to fondle with her soft and tender natural bossom. But heaven always like to play tricks on others, as she was already attached. The school was as its usual rowdy, but his could not hear a thing. his had as though travelled into a new dimension, into the love dimension.
" Jim. YO JIM!" A voice rang out into his ears, distrupting his focus with the gal he had wanted to get for so long. "still fantasing abt her eh?" his friend continued.
"Buzz off Tim, u are annoying!" Jin replied.
Tim and Jim are brothers studying in the same school their relation is close, therefore Tim knew everything Jim wanted, and vice-versa.
A gust of wind blew by as the COOL DUDE GANG came, making a spectacular entrance. five lamborgini pulled into parking lot. The head of the bunch of rich kids, was none other then Josh.
A gush of awe rushed through the canteen. Josh was greeted by Britney's(yes, the one Jim is fantasizing about) kiss. Jim could do nothing but to be filled with jealousy.

to be continued...

;rock YOU.
6:28 AM



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