Monday, May 28, 2007

My life... is Fucked.

Some people have very big reaction over the word Fuck. Some deem it as inappropriate. Some condemns the word and other, got slapped for the word. But i do not really get what is wrong with the word Fuck, neither do i get it. Fuck, which means sexual intercourse, is used in our daily colourful sentences. Fuck that, Fuck this... Fuck you. But it makes no sense when you integrate this word into the sentence.

Anyway, in our daily lives, we still used the word Fuck. Examples: Fuck you, Fucking shit, Fuck your mother(seriously not recommended to be used) and of course... FUCK you.

So how should we look at this word? Condemn it? Or just use as we did in our everyday lives.
OK, most of you will call me a vuglar jerk, vuglar asshole, blah blah blah. But have you ever really think about the usage of the word? How it impacts life. Now, even story books are full of F**Ks, not to mention movies. they curse and swear as though they are calling a buddy in the movie. Got shot? F**K. Got conered? F**K. Got busted? F**K. its practically everywhere in these days. While movie stars who curses and swear are deemed as doing their job, they are unknowingly influencing the minds of the people. Especially the youngs. Therefore, when the young curse and swear, we should not only look at them with the disgusted looks like some oh-so-clever people give, but also to think about the cause of this.

Phew... Tired to continue.. now Fuck off... i need my sleep.

;rock YOU.
8:02 AM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

woah... it have been a long time since i last blog... all i want to say is that... Life is great. But nothing can be great forever. All these years in Mayflower Sec, i think i have grown, both physically and mentally.

In these years, i have gone through thick and thin with my friends, sharing great times with them. I think the sense of urgency in me had finally kicked in, after all these years. Years of hibernation, finally the feeling had came to, the inner me had awoke to the world around me. All family's care for me, yet time and time again, i let her down. This time, the old me is half dead...

;rock YOU.
11:34 PM



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