Sunday, June 10, 2007

Being Ostrachize may not be a bad thing.

How many of you have been ostracize? Come on, don be shy. raise yr hands if u think and feel that u have been ostracized? The feeling will definately kill me. And it really suck don it?

BUT. look at the bright side. Being ostracized does not mean it is not good. it depend on what kind of people u are hanging out with, and wat do they do. If u are with a bunch of losers, then being ostracized by them does not mean a bad thing. In fact, look at it this way, u are rejecting them, rejecting the losers out of your life. Football team? fuck it. Cheer-leader squad? suck my balls. School's big shot? More of a bootlicking bastard.

Being out of the "gang", u are going to depend on your own. But, that does not stop you from mixing with the right friends. I mean, who would rather spend time with life wasting losers that people who can help you, and bring you joy. Being with life wasting losers, who play all day and neglect their studies? And they only know how to make things difficult for you, what kind of friends are they? Not a friend at all.

You control your life, and not cliques and groups. If they more or less try to take control of your life, they u are no more than a walking zombie. Reject them, reject them like unhealthy food. If they try to shoot you down with words, retaliate. Show them that you have a breaking point, and that their comments don mean a thing to you. Their words and comments are just trying to make you feel weak, lowering your self esteem, so that u will need to be more dependant on the group. In fact , they are the ones with low self esteem, they are the ones that shoot people down so that they feel good about themselves, where in fact, they are just a tiny little loser, incapable of doing anything great.

They are helpless to control their lives, so they need a little confidence to boost themselves. Then, they will try to gang up to speak to you, so that everyone is there to help them out when they are being outspoken, so that u don dare to retaliate. Next, they will make things difficult for you, calling you low-life , which is of course refering to themselves, and even to the extent of rebelling your parents so that you can go out with them. And if u did not, thye will insult you in the worst possible ways. Even when you go out with somebody else, you will be shot down, if you go out, or even go home together with gals, they will call you flirt. Do not give in to these kinda comments, casue you are listening to a bunch of anti-social people, and maybe because they are jealous. While they themselves flirt, the others in their group dare not say anything becasue they are the BIG SHOT KIDS. So, only you get this kind of treatment... where is the fairness and equality? being with those kind of people equals to giving up your civil rights. even one day that you do not hang out with them, they will call you names, saying that you "pang seh" them, meaning that you broke a promise on going out with them, WHICH you did not even promise them in the first place. Being with this kind of people, i rather be with myself.

Then, there will people who keeps pressuring you to play with them, and thus, neglecting you studies. Then if you do not want to go, they will say that you are giving them excuses, stupid excuses. So, better off, say it in their face that you don like to do wat they want you to do. eg. playing soccer, playing games. But then, they will say that since u told them u wan to go home to study, they will say that u are actually going out with gals, playing around too. Since they do not know the truth, then there is no use bickering with them. Cause they will just accuse you of being unloyal to them.. blah blah blah.

Remember, You control your life, its in your hands.

This is a advice for depressed people who have been or are being ostrachized, and not directed at anyone, anything or any race.


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