Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I WAN A PS3...

below is an extract taken from a conversation between my mom and me.

me: eh ma, holidays i go find work lar, then get pay rite, give u half..
MOM: huh, so good (suspicious eyes)
me: yeah, then the other half rite, i go use it to buy Ps3
Mom: *smack. PS3 yr head... u buy back and i will use it to smash yr head.
me: orh, okay... *walks away, disappointed...

hmm... But being a great fan of sony, having both the Ps-es... shouldn't they like... give me a Ps3 for free? damn it... somemore i bought those consoles when they are freshly hot on the shelves lar. MTFK....

OH, PS3 owns a X-box can. the great graphics, high defination, easy controls. not to mention, when u open it up and play, u can grill beef while playing... isn't that great? (PS3 is super hot when u play it, but the temperture is kept down due to the super coolers... cooooool)

oh well, a X-box aint that bad either. considering that it have nice controllers that are useful for games like HALO, which is also a superb first person shooter game. Playstation's san andrea's vs X-box's halo... they are practically on par. The trigger at the top of the controller is also great as it resembles a gun's trigger. But my hands are more used to PS controller, (considering the fact that i started PS-ing since Pri 3) and thinks it is less complicated to me personally.

So, it boils down to X-box 360 and PS3... Wii is totally out of the question, sry, nanchuk aint my type, i like a controller that needs both hands as it gives me a sense of more control and stablilty.


;rock YOU.
8:29 AM

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yo everyone, check this out, the blog of my buddy, Md firdaus bin saddam.. i mean... adam. click on it.

After reading his post, i makes me remember something that happened 2 weeks ago, but i have no time to post it. it goes like this...

Fir, zhi hui and me wanted to go for the remedial together, but then my dad decided to fetch me to school, so i ask him if he can go down by Ave 3 to pick them up.

as my dad was leaving, i decided to tell fir to wait at the bus stop, so i sent this msg.
" the eagle is leaving the nest... i repeat, the eagle is leaving the nest." (trying to talk in codes.)

1 minute later... *toot toot.. toot toot.
i open up the msg and this is what he replied...
" this is stealth tiger, i copy u loud and clear. Pink Pig is with me, awaiting u at rendevous point eagle eyes.

Me, trying to be funny, replied. secure pink pig and await extraction. make sure he is tied up so that he don scold the F* word in the car.

At this point, my dad pulled into the bus stop, to see that firdaus was with Zhi hui, which i cant help it but to burst out laughing, but the poor zhi hui was left clueless on wat the hell we were laughing about, and he almost does his trademark... *rub nose, ffffffark lar....

Geez, life cant never be bored with them around...

;rock YOU.
1:34 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

4 endeavour beware... tmr u all are in for a crying fare.

Decided to ask ms yeo for an allowance of 20 mins tmr for "hugging session" and me being an opportunist, am gonna sell tissue paper for 1 piece 20 cents.. hahaha... inclusive of gst.

oh well, we are leaving eh, but all of u are etched in my memories. I donno if i can still remember everyone ten years down the road, but i think i can, and will. and of coursem i must.

hmmm... lets give ms yeo a hug tmr... (shoutout to AZH: don take advantage of ms yeo please.... be nice tmr. LOL)

How do i live... without you,
I want to noe.

EVERYONE WILL BE REMEMBERED... especially firdaus, being a brother for 4 years with me. i seems like yesterday since we met, and i still remember how we met... BECASUE I SAT ON HIS HANDS.... HAHAHAHA (this sound kinda gay)

althought we leave, we will still be together, outside mayflower. and i noe i will remember u in my heart, LOVE.

For what has been said and done
Our new life can thus begun.
As no matter how foolish i may be,
I am assured u will stand by me.

The love is so strong,
A love that is innocent, with nothing wrong.
What is the phrase use to define?
The love that makes us blind.

The love cannot be seen,
By the naked eye, or on the screen
It could only be felt,
And it is a feeling, that makes us melt.

;rock YOU.
7:07 AM

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

EVERYONE... 27 days to end of O levels... 27 days to liberation...
27 days, to freedom.

Man, this is shit. hmmm... come to think of it, there letters in this, can be re-mix to be shit... so well, shit this.Oh man, this shit is damn random.

Today is the day that i did not fall asleep, miracle, furthermore the weather is cool and nice. luckily the lessons aint too boring...

oh man, nothing to blog abt... shit!

oh man, althought intially i was kinda pissed, i am very pleased to be assured by you that u will stand by me. I am really happy that u say that, and i want u to noe that i will also stand by you.

;rock YOU.
5:29 AM

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Three missionaries were deep in the jungle when they were happened upon by cannibals. The cannibals captured all three and brought them before their chief. The chief looked over all of them and said,"For trespassing on our land, you must be punished. You have two choices. You may choose a quick and painless death, or Ooga Booga."
The first missionary said, "I do not wish to die. I choose Ooga Booga" He was grabbed and spread eagled over a log, and then every male cannibal proceded to rape the poor man. When they were finished, the missionary was barely breathing.
The next missionary, paled when he observed this, but he then stood up, "However horrific it may be, I still want to live. I choose Ooga Booga."Again, the man was tied to the log, and every male in the village, and some males from a neighboring village also joined in and raped him.
By the time they were finished, the missionary was unconscious and seemed near death.

The third missionary, upon seeing the fate of the other two, decided enough was enough. "I choose death." The chief looked at the third man, and smiled, "Death by Ooga Booga!"


;rock YOU.
6:52 AM

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Everyone, O's is coming... are u studying?

you are the one that pushes me and the motivation that motivates me. Your words for me gives my world the spin, and without you, my world would be just standing still, and i will be stuck in the childish body. Oh man, how can the world buy such a jewel and yet this jewel landed right in front of me, mine for the taking.

OH everyone... study hard. Do not think that there are 16 days to O levels, but have the mindset that there are 32 days to the end of O levels...

O level will just come and go, and we will walk past it like we always do, together, to complete this milestone...

;rock YOU.
8:01 AM

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just realise that our teachers are kinda caring.

If people don't think u are pretty, its because they don't see you. But i can see you right before my eyes.. and its crystal clear.

I noe, the last post i was cursing them to the high heavens. oh well, just realise i was wrong. OH damn guilty lar. oh well, Ms yeo was kinda nice today, and trust me to think so badly of her... oh well, really need to thank her if i score well.

oh yeah, tmr more probably gonna be another day filled with sciences... but i am really grateful to the science teachers that contribute their time and give much effort to teach us, and yet we do nothing... So peeps... start mugging, don't let the teachers down

7 days to graduation, 14 days to O lvls, 33 days to end it O lvls, 33+ days to chalet, 45 days to prom....


;rock YOU.
6:50 AM

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The teachers are helping us by complaining and letting us get detention when we are actually staying at home doing something more condusive at home, or some of them are just being sick and having self medication. And they don accept a f--king letter. Come on, cant we just self-medicate? Oh, the Secret recipe that our ancestors pass down do not exsist anymore eh... well, fuck yourself.

When we are in school, u do not teach. When we don attend yr lessons, u KPKB so much. Complain like no tomorrow. Do not want to teach over a freaking picture of a comb? Then now we not in school all teachers suddenly see this as a opportuninty to save paper... and dunk those who went with tons of notes. @*!^$

Oh well, my fault, for not going school to TAKE NOTES...

And if not for the science remedials tmr, i would just continue being sick.

;rock YOU.
6:38 AM

Monday, October 01, 2007

BANNED IN ALMOST 20+ countries, including Singapore, JB, batam(maybe)

My mama said i could... so now, STRIP!!!

;rock YOU.
7:40 AM



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