Friday, December 28, 2007

OH man.. shucks shucks shucks.

GST sucks. it cause everything to increase. Kopi-o increase, Macdonald increase, everything also increase, even Government pay also increase. WTF

Starhub bills + Asshole GST = Dad scolding and Pocket burning

Oh man, i hope just one day that Our government can "help" to make our lives much easier. Son of a !&@^$%, i just busted my starbhub bills lar. its like... 200+ and 100+ for oct and nov respectively. oh man, and my dad is leaving me to die on my own. Cant blame him, i must accept responsibility

Oh i guess i am going hungry for a few weeks. i really hope that i had earned more during the holidays. holy crap. shit shit shit.

i don mean to bring u so much trouble. but seeing the way u helped me touched me alot and i really am sorry for troubling you and making u worried. I love you, my darling., more than anything else

;rock YOU.
8:03 AM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Alright, i am sorry for further amplifying THAT little issue. i was just being anal for being annoying for no reason.

;rock YOU.
6:32 AM

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas... Woo hoo.. the moment of magic, the happy moment. then moment of going crazy and being happy. I sure have a wonderful christmas this year, that is memorable that i will most probably wont forget.

On the 24th, b4 christmas, me and xl went over to Cy's house for BBQ. I went Amk to meet Cy and her bro. Oh man, her bro just reminds me of myself when i was younger. Hyper-active, somehow pervert. BUT, her bro have an extra chracteristic that i don use to possess. that is his BHB skills.

Since the time we met, he have been being so BHB. And keep rubbing on the fact that i lost to him in arcade basketball. Come on, nvr play for very long liao okay.

Then, we bought some drinks and head over to her house, and discovered that his dad, was AT HOME. So, that means I am not suppose to step into Cy's room. But, there is always loopholes, so i entered Yang jie's room. haha. Her bro was damn funny, being BHB everytime and abt everything. But he is a real funny guy. That skinny monkey was bombaring me with Bomb-Bags when i was trying to set up the BBQ. HAHA... scared the hell out of Amira( CY's maid)

The BBQ was fun. we played cai quan and the loser wil have to drink the ultimate cocktail, red wine, coke, grass jelly and sparkling. Ate quite a few things. Oh man, the crayfish i chose, have eggs. but dearie sucked it away before i can lay my hands on it. hahaha. oh well, Hope its nice honey.

Oh, there is this kid, Cy's mom's collegue's son. oh man. He is damn ye man. throwing tantrum because he cannot play games. And making a din at other people's home. if i were to do that when i was his aged... PIAK PIAK... two tight slaps and i will be grounded to the sofa. That boy... climb up and down, jumping from sofas to sofas. GEEZ

Oh well, then after the guest left after cutting the cake( because its christmas). so me and Xl stayed behind to clear up the stuffs. HAHA. Cause me and XL are allowed to crash over. hahaha
i was kinda amazed that i was allowed to, as i thought that its kinda forbidden for a guy to crash over at their house. So, i am honoured, to be one. hahaha. CY's dad looks fierce though, LOL. So i kept to myself ( not that i have anything on my mind)

Oh well, we watched night at the meausum and then watch chuck and larry... again, b4 deciding to paly some PS2. hahah. i was taking close photos with CY when suddenly her dad came down. hahaha Scared the shit out of me, thought that i am sure to get thrown out of the house. luckily, nothing happen.

OH MAN, GOH YANG JIE, deprieve me of my sleep on christmas morning. WTH, telling me that he have alot of suitors because he is shuai. Then, forcing me to tell him jokes, which he laugh damn loudly. And that skinny monkey make me crawl out of bed at 5am in the morning to see him Download maple, asking me if this gal that gal chio or not, then being more BHB. And then saying that i was gay because i don play maple. finally, all the energy drained out at 7am and we fell asleep. Basket, keep disturbing me. Skinny monkey love Skinny monkey

Then, we woke up at 12 plus and the for of us went out to watch Alvin and the Cheap Monks. the ending is kinda... random. LOL.

Anyway, its is still a very merry christmas for me. And I believe that this is one of the sweetest day of my life.


;rock YOU.
4:32 AM

Saturday, December 22, 2007

grandpa's violin... Nice song that sooth the mind and relax the soul. i got the song though, if u wan it i can send via msn. hahaha

OH man, finally 16. geez/ don matter anyway, i already watched nc16 movies, buy liquor, buy 4D... .Did all those things that even people who are 16 cannot do (excluding sex and smoking and driving). hahaha. oh man, anyway, i look like 25++... wth man. so old

;rock YOU.
8:54 AM

Friday, December 21, 2007

I feel so darn happy. Lets think back upon this year remember all those things that are fun, and apologise to people that i have offended, or pissed.

CY: You are practically the best thing that had happened to me for this year. Although we are together B4 O lvls, it didnt really affect our studies i guess. actually, u haven motivate and pushed me to study. i guess i'll just be restless without yr constant pushing ( and nagging). well, whatever it may be, i still love you the most. And being with you had been the most fun and happy. And i am glad that i am toegther with you. Never regretted it.

Firdaus: you have been a great buddy for these past four years. I donno why we could be good frens for so long. Either u have some good tolerance or we two are just equally crappy. Haha. anyway, thanks for being a good friend that always stood beside me no matter what happens, especially those major trouble that i have run into this past two years.

oh well, rmb when we are in sec one, where we hid inside the science room cupboard and u shouted for mr heng to come to hell and Fuck Satan? hahaha i laughed damn loud and farted that we two scramble out for air and got a hell of a scolding? These are the times i cant and wont forget.

Anyway, sorry for the pork things, and calling yr birthday a pork day so that i can rmb. hahaha. Sorry my darker brother.

P.S. How abt a porky, chocolate or strawberry?

Andrea and gang( angeline toh, verine, liyan, wen chi and vivien): HAHA. u gals are great to hang out with. all the fun and laughter, especially with firdaus, making andrea chase him ard the school as she run likes a penguin. those are the times i really laugh my ass out. oh well, as for andrea, all i have to say is already written in the farewell letter. hahaha.

Oh well gals, dedicate this photo to you gals. bluetooth this from andrea's phone when she is not in class during recess time, and edited it with my handphone.TA-DA

OH well, there are still many many things to say to many many people. i think shall do it in another post. this is to those more important people.

;rock YOU.
7:00 AM

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The government should set a law.

China women, should not be able to hook up with Old Men.

Old people are retired, old, bored, lonely and most importantly... have wads and wads of Cold.. HARD.. CASH.

And who will be attracted to these cold hard cash? of course... China chicken looking for money in singapore.

Its obvious that they are after their money. but those Old people are too blinded by boobs and ass that they cannot distinguish between real love and those hypocrytical love. Real love are from their children, giving them part of their pay every month and make sure that they are well fed. Hypocrytical ones... are those from CC, using physical love, and making use of Old men's weakness... LUST.

Then they use their body, in exchange for his money. slowly siphon away his money. until the time when he is broke. then she dumps him away. Then, she washes her u noe what, and proclaim it new and then, hook another old man.

how many times have we seen old people being conned by china women, dozens... and i am sure that there are several more unreported... Come on, protect our old people from these scams, and protect the money of our country from being taken away with the use of deception, by those who lower their dignity, just to get monetary gains.


See his hands... oh oh... old horny man...

;rock YOU.
6:29 AM

Monday, December 17, 2007

haha. well, it have been a long time since i last blogged. There is so many things to talk abt, but not enough time. Lets recap shall we...

11/12/07... After my violin lesson, i was stunned to know that i forgot the bring my keys when i went out of the house( my house those are those that cant be opened when u don have the freaking keys.) So, i waited outside, hoping that someone can come home quickly. so i called my dad...

Dad: ah boy ah.
Me : eh pa, where are you, i forgot the bring my keys when i left the house.
D: yr problem lor. u wan u come here and find me, if not u wait.

Me, being lazy, waited... and prove to be the wrong choice.


eh, nobody home... just when i decided that i go find my dad, i heard my sis coming down the stairs. hahaha. sucks man.

P.S luckily i bought macs to enjoy outside the house. Large shaker fries and large coke. Phew, i am soooo ready for survival course... if they sell macs out in the open


;rock YOU.
5:21 AM



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