Sunday, May 25, 2008

The World is full of shitty situations

I guess everyone had heard abt the Sichuan earthquake and the mynmar cyclone. The world brings about disasters after disasters. Hearts break and beeld, lives shear and shatter. 2008, is it really a good year? Or is it a year full of misery and pain? As the chinese believe, 8 brings about prosperity and luck, but look at the damn world now, is this the luck we are talking about?

For all those out there who does not understand yr mother's love, please, look at what mothers do when they dearest baby is under threat. In Sichuan, mother's uses their body to cover their child's body, breast feeding infant before the strain and pain takes their last breath away. I believe that is what they call the mother's instinct, to put their children's safety over their survival. As long as their children is safe, they are willing to give up everything, even if their own life.

How many families break down and cry till this day? how many bodies are still not found? This earthquake really devasted and broken up many families, and many mothers, who are unable to relieve their child from the devil's arm. Is this what mother nature deem as population control? Or just to show how man can never win her? Whatever challenge mother nature throw's us, Mother nature will never achieve triumphant over a mother's love.

Even kids who are studying are not spared. Died with their knowledge in their hands. But although there are many things that China do to irks us, but now i think we should put that aside and have a little compassion for the people, for the sake of those already in pain, shed some pity for those who lost their familes.

Infants who lost their parents since young, surviving now to face a harsh life later on in life without a proper upbringing. how cruel can the world get? and who is to be blame? The one who built the buildings, or just their luck.

i believe that mothers not only mourn for the lost children, but also protected them from certain death. Givining their children a second life, when they themselves, sacrifice.

Hearts shatter and eyes tear,
Diminishing hopes, and growing fear.
Mother Nature shook the land
Where people of Sichuan, used to stand

Cracks run through the walls
And up the ceilings
No one understand
The fear the children’s feeling.

Trapped there for another day
As life slowly seeps away
Water fills the eyes,
And agony fills the sky

Buildings crumble under the strain
Tears that flow like rain
Those who see can feel the pain
Why not you and me?

A little help, a little aid
Can change their destiny, their fate
The worry and the parents’ fear
Are all reflected, crystal clear

Mother’s love is shown to all
Salute those mothers, that have fall
Letting their children have a life
And they themself, sacrifice.


;rock YOU.
6:01 AM

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Geezus Christ... i have not blogged for ages... maybe just no time, no motivation, or just too freaking lazy. oh well, nothing goes on in my boring life... hahaha just that i guess i met new people, who are really great... shall post their pics next time. they have been great friends for me(but firdy birdy is still not forgotten) hahaha... oh well, this is what's happening to me

Joined NY dragon boat
Made new friends, hahaha. real good and funny.

and this is some of the dumb things we will do!!! HAHAHA

;rock YOU.
5:26 AM



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